Hayduke: Brimhall Double Arch


side canyon entrance to access Brimhall Double Arch

Brimhall Double Arch is only a short distance off the Hayduke Trail up a side canyon just north of the Red Slide. Though the side hike is short in distance, it’s likely to be a bit of an adventure.  Getting to the viewpoint beneath the arch requires climbing a rock stack to get past a wall, possibly wading/swimming through a deep pool, and scrambling up and over many boulders.

Unfortunately I’ve never done the hike back to see the arch, but if you’d like to see a good picture check out the entry on the NABS site. The site also details the ever-changing difficulty of the route.

If not up for the direct route up the canyon, or merely desiring a different perspective, there are also some routes up the slickrock to get a view from above the arch (from the east). I don’t have detail on these routes, but if you have time to spend, this could be an interesting area to explore while in Capitol Reef National Park.


area between Red Slide and canyon to Brimhall Double Arch