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  • The manual

  • .Click the image to open the Keep the Crown manual in a new window.
  • Game Variations

  • Solitaire -- play solo in Solo Survival. Put away the score pad and just see how long you can play without filling the board playing by the normal rules. You 'Win' if you can make it through the entire Vault and get rid of the pieces in your hand. That alone is a big accomplishment, but if you can do it with 10+ empty spaces on the board you belong among royalty! There is no "Power of the Crown" or Wand in solo play.

  • Super Thieves -- Play by the normal rules, except Thieves can be used to steal a random piece or two from any other player! The Thief is then discarded and the victim draws replacement piece(s) from the vault. If the player wishes to steal two pieces, they must also discard a second piece (any piece is acceptable.)

  • Top Wizards -- Play by the normal rules, except Wizards can play on TOP of any other piece on the board. After making a set, the top Wizard is removed, but the underlying piece remains on the board.

  • Team-Play -- Divide into two or three teams of 2 (or two teams of 3). Players from opposite teams alternate in sequence of play. Scores are tabulated per team, not by player. Players are allowed to "table talk" openly, but only such that all players can hear/understand the conversation (ie no talking in code!) The Crown always goes to the person who gives his/her team the lead and the other team members do not get the bonus-play perk of the Crown. When a team earns the Wand, it can go to any player on that team, but remains with that team earns enough points to move out of last place.

  • Vegas-Play -- Agree on a designated base currency unit (eg. a quarter). At the beginning all players put in 4x the base as the ante into a "pot". Then, whenever a player scores with any gem, the OTHER players add to the pot as follows based on the most-valuable piece played:
    • Sapphire - 1x
    • Ruby - 2x
    • Emerald - 3x
    • Diamond - 4x

    If a player wishes to not pay and FOLD instead, they may and they are out of the game at that point. HOWEVER, the other payees must split and cover the folding player's debt to the pot. If all players fold, the game is over and whoever JUST SCORED is declared the winner. Otherwise, the game continues as normal until the board is full at which time the person with the high score is the winner and claims the entire pot!