Video: Zion to Capitol Reef

The video from my 20-day, 320-mile trek from Zion to Capitol Reef from earlier this spring. If you prefer to just see the highlights, there’s also the up-tempo short version with music (7+ minutes). And, If you haven’t already, check out the full trip report.

VIDEO: Grand Staircase/Escalante Hike 2006

Here’s a throw-back video from my first “big hike” in southern Utah. The 25-day trek took me across one of the longest “pavement free” stretches in the US; approximately from east of Zion to Capitol Reef National Park. Fairly new to long-distance hiking and cross-country travel, I carried WAY too… Continue reading

Video: Around-Zion Hike

The video from my 6-day, 80-mile trek AROUND much of Zion National Park — plus a look at how to make an even better loop (ideally during a warmer season.) Highlights of the trip include: Coalpits Wash, Cougar Mountain, The Right Fork, Cave Valley, Wildcat Canyon, The West Rim, East… Continue reading

Video: Boulder to Moab

Here is the video summary of my 18-day hike from Boulder to Moab. The full written trip report with photos and maps is also available for those who desire more detail. BTW — if you don’t have time to watch the full-length video, there’s also the short “remix” video on… Continue reading

Video: Bryce to Little Death Hollow 2012

Video of my return to southern Utah to explore a new route across a portion of the state. Video captures highlights of the 10-day, 158-mile trek from Bryce Canyon to Little Death Hollow. You can also view the 9-minute overview video on YouTube or read the written trip report if you… Continue reading

Video: High Sierras Hike

Playlist for my 23-day, 348-mile hike through the high Sierras spanning one of the longest stretches in the US w/o a paved road. Part 1 includes Sacatar Wilderness, Pacific Crest Trail, Horseshoe Meadow, Mount Whitney, Forester Pass, John Muir Trail, Bubbs Creek, Muro Blanco and more. Part 2 includes: Mather… Continue reading